Welcome to Big Creek Family Medicine & Urgent Care. We offer lower cost for quality health care. We give each patient our undivided attention to their needs.

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Big Creek Family Medicine is a Full Value Family Medical Clinic offering many valuable features and benefits to its patients. Take a look at our features and see how Big Creek offers "More for Less".

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  • Walk-in Urgent Care

    Dr Christensen’s training and extensive experience in Family Practice and Urgent/ Emergency Care over the past 35 years have enabled him to evaluate, and in most cases manage virtually any medical problem that presents to our office.  If a specialist’s care is required, he will direct you to one affiliated with the hospital of your […]

  • Lower Cost Care

    We are able to reduce our fees by no less than 30%, since we do not have the staff to handle insurance billing and are not providers for Medicare or Medicaid.  This practice model was born out of the fact that people without insurance were required to pay 100% of fees by most providers, while […]

  • Broad Scope Primary Care

    Besides wellness care for all ages, Dr. Chris and Robin Rice, PA-C care for all aspects of a patient’s healthcare needs. Dr. Christensen’s training and experience have helped him develop above average diagnostic skills in evaluating all ages.   We have installed a high quality digital x-ray system, and have diagnostic ultrasound, EKG and basic in-office laboratory […]

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Follow Dr. Christensen and staff as they inform you on current medical news and procedures as well as all that's going on at Big Creek.

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  • A Message to All

    Dr. Christensen has always operated according to the fundamental precept that every patient deserves compassion and value in the medical care they seek.  Chronic pain disorder is a unique disease state.  Compassionate care of people who suffer this disease necessarily requires the health professional to engage the patient in open dialogue about the disease of […]


    To Our Patients: In an emergency proceeding conducted this morning, the State Board of Medical Examiners of Montana determined that Dr. Chris A. Christensen’s medical license should be summarily suspended.  Such suspension will be in force until a hearing can be scheduled.  A date for such a hearing is, at present, undetermined.  No medical services […]

  • 10 Scenarios to Suggest You Are a Good Prolotherapy/PRP Candidate

    1.  Have you suffered an injury that you believe resulted in a ligament or tendon “pull” (strain/sprain), since you were told that “you didn’t suffer a fracture.” (break a bone). 2.  You’ve been told that your pain is due to the fact that you’re getting older. 3.  Doctors have been reluctant to respond to my […]

State-Of-The-Art Facility

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